Reabilitação com Membrana armada PVC

Rehabilitation with armed pvc membrane

Ideal solution for intervention with pools that are losing water. Without application of traditional fillers, glues and mortars, the PVC membrane allows total interventions, according to the diagnosis of your pool. It can be applied to localized losses of water, for a total or a complete compensation of the pool with waterproofing intervention lining when required. Fast and effective!
Without the need for time consuming and costly works, the PVC membrane is a great solution for pools with water losses.

Resistant System;
System Anti-cracks.

Reabilitação com Liners

Rehabilitation with Liners

The ideal solution when required a complete waterproofing of your pool! After diagnosis, our team creates a cast of your pool and sends it to the factory for implementation of an appropriate liner that is specifically molded to your pool. In the second phase (intervention) we proceed with it’s application. Total guarantee of watertightness as in any pool built from scratch!
In a few days your pool gets a new look!

Reabilitação de Betão Projetado e Mosaico Vítreo

Rehabilitation with Projected Concrete and Mosaic

For deeper structural interventions Poolcenter conceives and executes the appropriate intervention to the needs of your pool. From simple local intervention identified in cracks, to full waterprofofing of your pool and replacement of mosaic, Poolcenter leaves your pool like new!